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    Roster Reminder

    All teams, please have rosters entered on the website by your next scheduled game.  It is the team managers responsibility to ensure the accuracy and completeness of rosters.  Rosters do not carry over from season to season, so they do need to be inputted manually.  If you need assistance, there are instructions located in the Rules & Forms section or you can email at admin@thecefl.com.

    All participating players do need to have a visible number when on the field that matches the website.  Players may not be on 2 active rosters at the same time in the same league.  Periodic roster audits will be performed to ensure compliance.  

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

    Thank you...The CEFL

    Please Print and Sign the Agreement Letter


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      Follow Your Team on Your Phone

      You can follow your CEFL team for free through the Sport Ngin mobile apps for iPhone and Android. Use these links or look for a link and your team information in the upper right corner of your CEFL team page.


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